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Dr Laura McGrath

Manchester based Clinical Psychologist

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"The curious paradox is that when I accept myself just as I am, then I can change."

Carl Rogers

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Clinical psychologist - Dr Laura McGrath

About me

I am a clinical psychologist and accredited EMDR practitioner with over 12 years post-qualification experience. I am registered with the HCPC and EMDR Association. Based in South Manchester, I offer psychological assessment and therapy to young people and adults, as well as offering clinical supervision to a range of professionals.

I have seen the transformative power of psychological therapy personally and in the hundreds of clients I have worked with over the years so I am passionate about my work. I understand the importance of providing a safe, compassionate and nonjudgemental space for my clients.

In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my family, being outdoors, walking and yoga.

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I came to Laura having just gone through a sudden break-up and the end of a four year relationship. Prior to my first session, I had experienced intense and distressing levels of anxiety triggered specifically when around my partner, which rapidly started to affect my physical health. At the time I had no understanding of why it had come to this point and why I had ended the relationship. 

I had 15 sessions of CAT informed therapy and EMDR with Laura. Through this I:

- Had a safe space to process a distressing life event and move through the different stages of grief

- Was able to identify and understand my relationship patterns and behaviours and how they were rooted in my childhood

- Was able to understand why and how I had been living out of sync with my authentic self and genuine feelings for some time, which had contributed to my breakdown and the sudden end of my relationship

- Moved from intense feelings of self-criticism, doubt and blame towards a mindset of acceptance, perspective and learning 

EMDR was especially useful for someone like me - historically an overthinker who would ignore or talk myself out of my true emotions.

I have come away from therapy with greater clarity, insight, improved self-esteem and a whole range of tools to help manage my emotions and any challenges independently on a daily basis. 

Laura was non-judgemental, consistent, kind, professional and highly skilled. She also brought creative mindfulness exercises and worksheets to sessions that I could take away to use on my own. 

The sessions with Laura were truly a cut above any therapy I had in the past and I would recommend her to anyone, as it has changed my life for the better.

- Adult client (29 years old) 

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Why choose a clinical psychologist?

As a clinical psychologist, I am highly qualified, having trained to doctorate level. I have worked with hundreds of clients of all ages with a range of difficulties. This includes clients from diverse backgrounds. This has given breadth as well as depth to my experience and knowledge as well as developing my deep sense of compassion towards others. I have completed training in several models of psychological therapy which means that I can integrate my knowledge to tailor therapy to the needs of the individual sitting with me. 

I am regulated by the Health & Care Professions Council (HCPC). They are an organisation who keep a register of professionals who meet their standards for training, professional skills, behaviour and health. You can find me on this register and I would recommend that you complete this check for the psychologist you choose to work with. 

I have made a commitment to continuing professional development and lifelong learning which means that through attendance at regular training events and my own self-directed reading and research, I am able to keep up to date with developments in the field of clinical psychology. This commitment is important to me because it means that I can be confident that I am providing the highest quality service to my clients. 

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