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I came to Laura with complex-PTSD from childhood abuse. When I first started the sessions, I was having weekly episodes of flashbacks, dissociation, sickness, and high levels of anxiety.

After six months of EMDR therapy, I am no longer having flashbacks or PTSD episodes. I feel that I have finally processed my trauma and am able to move on with my life. I am able to think about and talk about what happened to me, which I was never able to do before the sessions. A few weeks after our final session, I began a new job and have been continuing to build a happy life free from the crippling effects of complex-PTSD.

Thanks to our EMDR sessions, I feel more connected to myself, which comes from seeing and understanding the impact trauma has had on my beliefs, my sense of self, and my worldview. I’ve gone from feeling intense shame, terror, and disconnection, to feeling brave, feeling compassion for myself, and feeling that I can live a happy life free from trauma. Our sessions allowed me to open up and connect with my inner child, and by helping and healing my childhood self, I have been able to understand and have compassion for myself in a completely new way.

Laura provided a safe space to open up about my trauma in a really helpful and sensitive way. I found Laura to be very insightful and aware, which made me feel seen and heard. I think this sense of safety is crucial to healing trauma. Laura allowed me to go at my own pace and there was always room to stop if things got too overwhelming. I always felt supported and encouraged throughout our sessions.

I am extremely grateful for Laura’s help and would recommend her to anyone who feels they might benefit from therapy.

~ Anonymous female client

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